Saturday, May 24, 2008

Securing easy Small Business Loans

How do small businesses expand? Umpteen number of banks are willing to provide loans to large businesses, moreover they can raise money by equity sales and private equity. In such a scenario Small business owners face a major need for Small Business Loans. EZunsecured can assist you Business Loans and Credit cards for business expansion, starting up a new business. One can raise loans even for working capital for as low as 6% interest rates. The experts at EZunsecured can help and assist small businesses to raise capital. The entire process is very easy and simplified. Their funding is super fast and they require very little or no documentation. Loans can even be obtained without collateral. Small businesses can obtain loans of upto 350,000 USD without any documentation and upto $10 million if you can provide full documentation. The normal range of interest rates for No Doc Loans and Lines of Credit is 7.5% to 12.5%, and for Full Doc Loans and Lines of Credit it is 6% to 12%. You can call their Toll-free number 800-201-0001 or contact them via E-mail.
Basically they will apply for loans to lenders on your behalf and prevent you from making mistakes like applying with the wrong lender being continuously rejected etc.
Summing up, they provide an excellent and efficient service, one should surely get in touch with them if they need small business loans.

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