Friday, May 23, 2008

I have joined PayPerPost

A few days back one of my very enterprising friends told me about PayPerPost. Without much delay I signed up with them and submitted my PR3 blog for approval. It was approved within 1 hour! Basically PayPerPost is a market place that allows you to get paid to blog about the products, services and websites you love. With PayPerPost advertisers pay you to voice your opinion about their product/site on your Blog.
It has 2 main features :

1. Marketplace
2. PPP Direct

There are some basic requirements your Blog needs to meet before you can enroll in the market place:
1. Your Blog should have 10 post (at least) in the last 30 days.
2. Be written in English language
3. Be in Google cache
4. Not have a non writing period of more than 30 days.

There are few more requirements which can be met easily.

That said, you can easily make more than $500 with your current blog every month,
They also give you the option to donate your compensation to :

1. American Red Cross
2. Habitat for Humanity
3. Alzheimer's Walk

You can even go shopping on Ebay!

I plan to make enough to get my self an iPhone this month.
I have a LG XNote next on my wish list :-)
For further information and sign-up visit

Have a nice Weekend !

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