Monday, April 28, 2008

Advantages of learning French.

As you all would know, French is the second most important language, after English. A lot of companies worldwide give preference to a person that can speak French when they want to hire an employee. Most company such as manufacturers, travel agencies and hospitality industries welcome who can speak French to become their employees. If you go to France, you will face a problem when driving, since you must know how to reads direction, since all is in French. It even applies when you want to order your drinks, shopping complex etc. The taxi driver also will speak in French, because they can’t speak English. You will gain exposure with high class language, since French is one of the great languages in the world. You can get the tutorial online, or at the language centre near you. Trust me; you will enjoy it, once you can pronounce it correctly.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tobacco Kills

Countries spend a lot on anti smoking campaigns. They also use the money collected as from tobacco tax to fund many activities to let people know about the dangers of tobacco. As you know, the tobacco can cause you diseases such as lung cancer, brain tumor, stroke and heart disease. It is also a waste of your money, it’s like you’re trying to burn your heart. Go to the nearest clinic and get an x-ray. You may not see your lung so clear, since it was infected with a tobacco smoke, and that’s the early signal for you to get all the diseases. Nicotine can disturb and block blood vessels, thus your blood pressure will increase. As a result, you also can get diabetes. Women who got pregnant and are still smoking, should better quit because there’s a possibility of the membrane not maturing. Do remember, that tobacco can bring death to your baby.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Virtual Vs. Real Freindship

It is important to have friends, and they are special for us if we have a wonderful life with them. But, we may think one day that we’re not supposed make friend with them, or we may feel it once after we met them. But due to a busy schedule, it’s hard to keep in touch with them, and sometimes they might change location, and career as well. If you can’t trace them, well just remember the time that you’ve spent together as a one of your sweet memory that you will keep in your heart forever.

Now, it’s possible to keep updating your friend, through the internet, like chatting and emails. Unfortunately, you can’t face your friend’s face. But at least, you can if you have a webcam and also a microphone. Like Face book, we can trace our friend through their photo, instead of their full name or display name.

But, for me the true friend is the one that you can see them face to face. From there, you will know him personally and can make a judgments whether both of you are suitable to become a true friend.

We must stop Racism

We must stop racism. All of us must recognize an environment of intolerance towards racism. Even though it’s not easy to handle it, but at least it’s better than nothing. We need to start thinking so that we can get a quick answer. A society should not underestimate or treat minor ethnic groups as a 2nd class resident. Our children want to live happily, and make friends with all. We should let them know how important is it to respect others ethnic background. Don't thinks that we’re 1st class, we’re true citizens etc. All of shouldn’t have a barrier among us. In the new era, it is a typical way of thinking for those who taught that.