Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tobacco Kills

Countries spend a lot on anti smoking campaigns. They also use the money collected as from tobacco tax to fund many activities to let people know about the dangers of tobacco. As you know, the tobacco can cause you diseases such as lung cancer, brain tumor, stroke and heart disease. It is also a waste of your money, it’s like you’re trying to burn your heart. Go to the nearest clinic and get an x-ray. You may not see your lung so clear, since it was infected with a tobacco smoke, and that’s the early signal for you to get all the diseases. Nicotine can disturb and block blood vessels, thus your blood pressure will increase. As a result, you also can get diabetes. Women who got pregnant and are still smoking, should better quit because there’s a possibility of the membrane not maturing. Do remember, that tobacco can bring death to your baby.

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