Thursday, April 24, 2008

Virtual Vs. Real Freindship

It is important to have friends, and they are special for us if we have a wonderful life with them. But, we may think one day that we’re not supposed make friend with them, or we may feel it once after we met them. But due to a busy schedule, it’s hard to keep in touch with them, and sometimes they might change location, and career as well. If you can’t trace them, well just remember the time that you’ve spent together as a one of your sweet memory that you will keep in your heart forever.

Now, it’s possible to keep updating your friend, through the internet, like chatting and emails. Unfortunately, you can’t face your friend’s face. But at least, you can if you have a webcam and also a microphone. Like Face book, we can trace our friend through their photo, instead of their full name or display name.

But, for me the true friend is the one that you can see them face to face. From there, you will know him personally and can make a judgments whether both of you are suitable to become a true friend.

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