Saturday, May 10, 2008

Manchester Win EPL

Today, Manchester United once again won the EPL title , and this means that they have won the title 17 times. Ryan Gigs was a hero with his goal and now share the record with Sir Bobby Charlton, with a total of 758 game appearances. First goal scored by Christiano Ronaldo, in the 33rd minute. Gigs scored the crucial second goal.

Meanwhile, Chelsea with Bolton Wonderers that means; United will be crowned as a winner.

Gigs said, he doesn't care about his appearance record , the only think he was concerned about was to make sure that Manchester wins. He’s looking for another championship win. Meanwhile, the 1st goal was scored by Ronaldo through a penalty kick. And he’s also sharing record with Alan Shearer in number of goals. Both of them managed to score 31 goals after 38-game EPL. According Ronaldo, they can feel the heat, but they trust themselves. He added that Manchester United deserve to become a champion of EPL.

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