Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sulphur treatments were considered as the best acne treatments. They resulted in abrasion of the skin and were used as disinfectants. Eventually, scientists came up with the conclusion that sulphur based compounds that are used for acne problem further aggravate the problem. The best known ointments contain the compound benzoyl peroxide which works by the cleaning obstructions that cause acne.

The disadvantage is that it lack the long-term benefits, but it will usually provide good results provided it is used in suitable conditions. At the start of such problems, dermatologists will advise patients with some preventive measures which should not be taken for granted. Some of them include – maintenance of proper hygiene and controlling diet. Regular cleaning of the area of infection with a wet cloth gently is a must do. What this does is that it helps the anti acne ointments to perform better and output good results.

Many have claimed success by saying that applying all sorts of home made products such as vinegar, tomato juice etc, but these are not proven. So there is no need to waste your time into such practices. Domestic therapies have provided satisfactory results. The best nature has to offer is the tea tree oil for controlling acne. But one should also note that the use of tea tree oil induces the production of sebum. So following the application one must wash his/her face cleanly. Some scientific research claims that aloe Vera gel helps in controlling acne. Green tea possesses properties of detoxifying and can put a stop to hormonal activity. In conclusion, one should remember the basic – it is to drink plenty of water as it helps nourish the skin.

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