Monday, August 18, 2008

Nuclear family Vs Joint family

A nuclear family is one where parents and children live together in a home separate to the rest of their extended family. A joint family is one having consisting of parents, children and other close relative such as grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, often living in close proximity. No doubt both have their advantages and disadvantages. The joint family has the advantage of shared work, shared focus, shared values old world wisdom and modern ideas working side by side. Members of joint family support each other in difficult times. Nevertheless I support the idea of nuclear family because of the reason that the generation gap which gives rise o conflicting set of values becomes battle ground for members which steals the peace of the house. Couples find it easier to live separate to preserve peace, love and affection rather than letting it all get marred by daily clashes. Nuclear family gives couples a sense of freedom and pursue a life style they want

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  1. Joint system is better then separate system. In joint system we face any problem the whole family will stand with us. In the separate system we don’t find any example like in joint families.

    Sam Martian

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