Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dental implants

Thinking to replace missing tooth having a natural look? If yes, then go for dental implantssurgery. It is a common procedure to replace missing teeth. It gives more a natural look and feel then dentures. The surgery involves placing a metal anchor into the jawbone and allowing the bone and the anchor to fuse. The prosthetic is then fixed to the metal anchor. Whether the procedure is right for you, it is necessary to consult a qualified oral surgeon. There are other things one should be aware of before going in for dental implant surgery. Such as, the process can be time consuming, expensive, success is not guaranteed. In general, placements in local jaw need to heel about three months, while placements in the upper jaw need to heel about six months. One implant going very smoothly, will take a little over an hour. Local anesthesia avoids the pain that would be involved in the surgical procedures during implantation. For most people, dental implants last between fifteen and twenty –five years. While getting implants, it is important to pick a dentist that has experience in performing implant procedures. iEnhance.com can help locate the dental implant specialist. Go ahead, and smile proudly.

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