Sunday, July 13, 2008

Causes Of Acne

Puberty is when acne begins for most teenagers. At this time, androgen hormones are secreted from the body. This causes the sebaceous glands to become turgid. Some women are known to be sensitive to theses hormone secretion which can result in the commencement of acne problems during menstrual cycle or even during pregnancy. The sebaceous glands secrete oils that along with the dead skin cells block the pores of the skin. Bacteria start multiplying and cause boils in the spots. One should keep in mind that certain skin care products which claim to make skin smoother can actually aggravate the problem by making the skin even oilier. Stress is another major cause of acne as it induces the production of certain hormones. 

Other causes include:
Sometimes acne is genetic.
When a person is on certain medication or steroids.
Using cosmetics that make skin oily.
Harsh cleaning of the skin.

One should also know the common misconception of causes of acne.
Not caused because of dirt
It is not a communicable disease

More carbohydrates and sugar and help in the production of insulin which can in turn help in production of hormones. More hormones will mean greater secretion of oils and greater amounts of bacteria. All these possibilities can combine to the f formation of acne.

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