Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Prevention of Acne

For teenagers, getting rid of acne has become essential, mostly because this occurs at an age when people are most concerned about their physical features. Teenagers are so concerned mainly because it is agonizing and embarrassing. No teenager is spared from a long duration of acne problems. Acne problems arise mainly due to increase in hormones in the body. The dismal part about acne is that it seems to arise only in the parts of the body which are exposed these days due to fashion trends. Teenagers who complain about oily skin during acne problems are one hundred percent correct, since hormonal activity is increased, which in turn causes the skin to secrete more oils. Most of the ointments available today in the market contain specific chemical compounds such as benzoyl peroxide. There is an assumption in teenagers that acne arises due to improper hygienic conditions or inapt nutrition, which is not the case. Dieting and other methods of getting healthier will do little towards the prevention of acne. Regular maintenance of the skin by cleaning the skin definitely helps to a certain extent. But one must make sure not to take it to a level where he/she refers to harsh products. The only thing this will do is intensify the oil secretion in the skin. Constant shampooing of hair and regular wiping of the entire face, not only the areas affected, can help. Constant contact of the acne infected area with the fingers and scratching is restricted. Such acts can result in discoloration of the skin. One shouldn’t disclose the skin to open sunlight for long hours and the use of tanning lamps should be limited. Women must be aware of the ingredients used in the cosmetics that are applied to the skin (products without oily compounds should be used). All fashion accessories usage which covers the skin such as headbands, helmets must be limited as they can cause irritation.

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