Thursday, June 19, 2008

Auto Car Insurance

Auto car insurance covers loss or damage to the vehicle insured, Personal Accident and a third party liability. Damage can be caused to the vehicle due to natural man made calamities. Natural calamity includes Fire, explosion, earthquake, flood hailstorm landslide rockslides etc. There is also a man made calamity which covers, Burglary, theft, accident by external mans, any damage in transit by road rail etc. Personal accident cover a compulsory insurance cover of a certain amount while traveling in mounting or dismounting from the car, and one can opt for personal accident cover for passengers. The third party protects against legal liability arising due to accidental damages. The vehicles are insured at a fixed value but the relief it provides at the time of need is much higher. The car insurance policy is normally valid for a year and one must renew it before it becomes void. As soon as the insurer gets the first premium the insurance policy becomes effective. To make an accident claim one have to submit number of documents to the insurance company like insurance policy proof, driving license, original car registration book, claim form with estimates of repair charges received from the service centre etc. To know about the various aspects and matters related to auto car insurance browse through the pages .

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