Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Online Degree Accounting

There are many reasons to consider getting an accounting education or degree online versus the more traditional classroom method. Online learning, however, is not for everyone. Before spending any money or wasting any time, you should carefully evaluate the major pros and cons of getting an accounting education or degree online.

Pros of Getting an Accounting Education or Degree Online

Accounting education and degree programs are easy to translate into a distance learning format, which is why online accounting programs have been around nearly as long as the Internet itself.

Most of the benefits of getting an accounting education or degree online are obvious. You can choose any school you want regardless of your location. You also save money on housing costs and/or commuting expenses, and in most cases, tuition.

Studying online also gives you the benefit of choosing when and where you will complete a class. If you have a job, kids, or a busy social life, this is much more convenient than taking classes that are scheduled by someone else.

Cons of Getting an Accounting Education or Degree Online

While there are many people out there who argue that there are only benefits and no negatives to online accounting education, there are some aspects that could be considered disadvantageous.

For example, students who prefer hands on experience and face-to-face interaction can sometimes find it difficult to learn outside the traditional classroom setting, even in an accounting program. For students like this, the online learning experience may not yield the same results as being physically present in a classroom.

Instructors can also be a problem if they are new to online teaching or unfamiliar with constantly evolving accounting and teaching software. Of course, this shouldn't be an issue for students who carefully research various programs and ask questions about instructors and curriculum prior to enrolling.