Sunday, September 7, 2008

Theme park with a horticultural theme

If you are looking to visit a Family Theme Park, than there cannot be a better place like Gilroy Gardens. It is located in Gilroy, CA. Gilroy Gardens is a beautiful California theme parks, and is the only California theme parks, with a horticultural theme. It is ideal for families with young children and garden lovers. Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park features twenty one rides, twenty seven attractions, six majestic gardens and the world famous circus trees. Gilroy Gardens was created and designed by Michel Bonfante to educate guests and foster a greater appreciation of the natural world and man’s ability to shape it. The park is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization. The park is now opened on Saturday’s and Sunday’s also. The timings are from 10AM to 6PM.Best time to visit the Gardens are weekdays during the summer and any day during the months of June and October. It will be advisable to check the weather conditions before making a move to the park. To manage the park’s operations and provide strategic guidance on financial decisions and long- range planning, the Bonfante Gardens hires paramount parks, Inc. Monarch Garden, a boat ride through gardens of annual color are some of the rides and attractions worth enjoying. So plan, and have a happy weekend.

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